An enthusiastic Italian that loves her job and interacting with people!

Job Title: Manager/Director

Star Sign: Leo

Favourite Drink: Mojito

Favourite Place: London

Favourite Hairstyle: Natural Curly


Friendly & outgoing, I love hairdressing and making people feel great!

Job title: Senior Stylist

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Favourite Drink: Spiced Rum

Favourite Place: Barcelona

Favourite Hairstyle: Curly blow dry


I’m the mother of the group and apparently do the best head massage in town!

Job Title: Salon Co-ordinator

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Favourite Place: Home

Favourite Drink: Vodka

Favourite Hairstyle: Volume Waves


A crazy but friendly and warm Bulgarian that loves to keep women hair free!

Job Title: Beauty Therapist

Star Sign: Scorpion

Favourite Drink: Martini

Favourite Place: The beach, Bora Bora

Favourite Beauty Treatment: Waxing



Always chirpy and polite and keen to learn!

Job Title: Beauty Therapist

Star Sign: Gemini

Favourite Drink: Mocktail

Favourite Place: Goa

Favourite Treatment: Waxing/Nails