The perfect exfoliation treatment to boost and rejuvenate tired looking skin. Loved by celebrities and skin care experts, Crystal Clear facials deliver instant, vibrant results.


Whether you want to achieve radiance or deal with specific skin conditions such as acne scarring, pigmentation or fine lines and wrinkles, Crystal Clear has a suitable facial by using either Microdermabrasion or Oxygen Therapy.

Oxygen Facial

An intense anti-ageing treatment that plumps the skin from the inside out. Regular treatments will visibly plump out lines & wrinkles and hydrate the skin. 45 mins £55.00

Mini Mask Lift

A relaxing facial that will leave your skin feeling softer and firmer. 45 mins £49.50

Acne Prone Oxygen Facial

The use of oxygen  along with active ingredients provide an anti-bacterial effect to prevent bacteria and help to eliminate toxins trapped in the skin. 45 mins £55.00

Comcit Facial

The most intensive skin rejuvenation treatment yet! A cutting edge anti-ageing treatment that promotes new collagen growth through a series of different treatments, including micro channelling and Cryo Oxygen. 55 mins £80

Comcit Elite Facial

This treatment combines the benefits of microdermabrasion to resurface the skin with the technology of COMICT to plump, hydrate and firm, giving the ultimate glow to the skin! . 70 mins £90

Comict Back Treatment

A perfect treatment for common skin concerns including acne, uneven skin tone and texture to resurface and reveal a smoother skin. 45mins £45

Courses are available and recommended to see maximum results

It is important that treatments are kept close together to obtain the most favourable results.

All Courses of 6 receive 1 free